To preserve your Premium® coated canvas and leather item over time, we recommend the following care and use advice

Precautions for use

Do not scratch or rub your product against an abrasive surface, especially the leather upholstery which is sensitive to scratches.

Protect your product from humidity and rain that could stain the leather and keep it away from direct sources of heat (radiators, car interiors in summer, etc.).

Avoid contact with detergents (alcohol, solvents and thinners), greasy products (lipstick) or ink (pens and markers) which could damage your product irreparably.

Protect your item from excessive loading by unusual or inappropriate use that could alter the materials.

The irregular appearance, marks and grooves are inherent to the nature of the selected hides and are part of the aesthetic qualities of the product and should not be considered as defects.

Care instructions

We recommend that you waterproof the leather upholstery before using it for the first time.

To clean the coated fabric, we advise you to use a soft cloth, slightly soaked in soapy water, avoiding the leather parts.