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Karine Augis, the French leather goods brand with a chic Parisian spirit, is pleased to announce its partnership with the International Retail Group (IRG) for its development in the North American market.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, IRG is comprised of the top professionals in the industry, led by CEO and founder Linda Johansen-James, who has a track record of delivering outstanding sales and strong bottom-line performance in retail activations for over twenty-two years in the industry. Linda has trust in the Karine Augis brand, the product range and above all, its quality and will be accompanying Karine Augis in its US launch and journey.

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“I love my Karine Augis bags. They are unique, offering a quality that I rarely find, even in well-known luxury brands. Equally importantly, Karine is a wonderful person to deal with. She has a very smart designer and a savvy businesswoman. I believe that the brand has great appeal and will make a perfect addition to US market and Canadian biggest retail outlets, offering a freshness to the landscape we so badly need. Karine has addressed and included sustainability values throughout the manufacturing and production process. This particularly impressed, and with this aligns IRG values, and why which I believe in the strong future of this brand”

Linda Johansen-James, CEO and founder of IRG
With its Managing Director, Chris Igwe, who also joined the brand earlier this year, with his rich international retail experience, the brand is now setting its sights on the US and Canadian markets and expanding its horizons well beyond Europe.

International Retail Group (IRG)