The French premium leather brand Karine Augis has been added to the French concept store Publicis Drugstore. Founded in 2019, Karine Augis has been able to establish her namesake brand over the past three years. Carrying over a dozen of small and larger styles in neutral and bright colors, the brand’s design language stipulates style with practicality.

PublicisDrugstore is located on the Champ-Élysées – since its founding in 1958, the store has established an image as a trustworthy place that “meets every need at any time of the day”. Next to fashion items, the renowned convenience store offers books, wines and delicacies to its customers, catering to the manifold needs of the contemporary consumer. Karine Augis bags are also available in their e-shop.

So far, Karine Augis introduced two of her designs to the range of Publicis Drugstore – a sturdy, hand-held tote and a large shopping bag, both embodying the practical and simultaneously exciting spirit of a convenience store. The ‘Nathalie’ bag is available in yellow and red, whereas the ‘Overflow’ bag is available in yellow and a light pink.

The potential of concept stores

Throughout time, accessibility and convenience have reached new meanings for consumers. But with the rise of fast retail and e-commerce, well-curated retail experiences and carefully chosen assortments have become an equally indispensable tool in creating value for shoppers. Consumers are looking for products that are an extension of their identities and values – individuality becomes more important every day and immersive shopping experiences are taking the lead in retail.

With a broad variety of products and categories, concept stores can effortlessly cater to the curiosity of consumers who enjoy exploring novelties. The way concept stores are set up allows them to respond to the velocity of changing trends while delivering unique products. In addition, they attract a broad variety of clientele – from locals to international tourists – connecting the represented brands to new target groups and generating visibility.