The french creator Karine Augis, the founder of the eponymous label of bags and leather goods with Parisian chic spirit aesthetics, takes us into her universe at the crossroad of art, decoration and design. With her first collection, we discover a motif inspired by art-deco that is subtle and daring.

Committed to finding alternative sustainable practices when creating fabrics, the brand distinguishes itself by its own raw material, with harmless and responsible production, carried out with inks that have zero solvents:

  • PVC – Free
  • Solvant – Free
  • Phthalate – Free

With all the premium coated fabrics being produced in France, all the leather goods of Karine Augis are made in Europe.

Watch the behind the scenes of the atelier in Paris

At her atelier in Paris, Karine Augis finds inspiration in little details – hugely influenced by the era of art-deco, sketching and balancing the right color gammas and palettes, to achieve a harmony between graphic art and french know-how of the “maroquinerie”. Inspired by her paintings and illustrations, she brings to life a collection of essential pieces with timeless prints around the monogram, that became a symbolic emblem of the brand.

Supple and light, they are made to meet the expectations of the current world of fast-pacing fashion, where timeless pieces are valued as never before. Combining design and functionality with responsible production, Karine Augis believes in durable fashion and its longevity.